Attributes Of The Best Storage Facility

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For you to determine if a storage facility is a perfect fit for you, you must know what to look out for in a decent storage unit. Storage facility experts recommend that besides factoring in the price, you should also be keen on the size, location, and the availability of essential storage or transportation amenities on the storage unit. This article will disclose to you some of the vital attributes of the best storage facility.

Characteristics of the best storage facility


bagsEvery good storage facility must be clean and vermin free at all times. There should be no evidence of pest infestation, broken locks, doors, damaged roofs, walls, dangling electrical cords, flooding, water flow, and mildew or mold growth. The grounds should not only be well maintained but also clean. Remember, a clean storage facility is a direct indicator of how the staff will cater for your possessions.

Emergency and disaster management facilities

Like any other premises, storage facilities are also vulnerable to disasters, for instance, lightning, fire, and floods. An excellent storage facility should have the relevant disaster management tool like lightning arresters, fire-fighting equipment and much more.

A mix of storage unit sizes

A good storage facility should have a variety of unit sizes so that renters can utilize the space according to their specific needs. If the storage facility has only small-sized units, you will be forced to rent more than one unit to accommodate all your stuff. Renting more than one unit on the go might not be cost-effective. On the other hand, if the storage facility has only large-sized units that are too huge for your possessions, you may end up paying too much for space.

Enhanced security

A good storage facility should be adequately protected to keep away any transients from breaking in. In fact, the storage facility should be fully fenced and equipped with automatic gates with keypad access. Monitoring stations, surveillance cameras, excellent lighting, and individual door alarms should also be fitted. What’s more? An on-site manager and a night-patrol are also essential to seal any holes in the security system.

Unlimited accessibility

lockedThe client’s possessions should be available to them at any time of the night or the day. Therefore, a good storage facility should offer 24/7 access to the renters.

A good storage facility should be located in a place with easy access. Nevertheless, it should be stealthy enough to avoid being accessed by anybody, as that will make the unit vulnerable to bandits.


A perfect storage facility should have the necessary tools for handling goods, for instance, furniture carts and cranes. Apart from reducing handling wastages, these tools also minimize handling expenses.

All storage facilities are not the same. Therefore, your choice should be determined by your needs. Ensure the storage company you settle for offers super customer service and that all the workers are well-skilled and properly trained on handling different types of items.…