Tea Bags

tea bags

Tea is among the most consumed beverages in homes all over the world. Disposable tea bags have in the recent past made making tea an easy task by just dropping the bag into a cup of hot water. These bags come in different flavors, and most people use them just once then dispose of them. However, these bags can be used at home in some ways.

Uses of used tea bags

Degreasing disheswashing

When washing greasy dishes, used tea bags can be of help to degrease the dishes. Tannin in tea cuts through the grease and make dishwashing easy. It is also an excellent deodorizer hence will freshen up your sink. This is helpful for people who are allergic to soaps and detergents. Soak the greasy dishes in lukewarm water and add the bags. Allow them to continue soaking overnight then wash.

Tenderizing tough meat

Tannin which is a component of tea acts as a natural tenderizer for meat. Keeping your meat in black meat can easily turn a cheap meat cut into a tender, juicy meal. Tea can also add a unique flavor to your meat. Add used black tea to some hot water then use this mixture to marinate your meat for a few and enjoy it tender.

Enhance compost pile

The contents of these tea bags are good at speeding up the process of decomposition as well as enriching your natural compost. Tannic acid and other nutrients in these bags improve oxygenation, soil quality and this help to strengthen your plant roots when you cultivate. It will also encourage the growth of friendly bacteria which helps with prevention of pest and fungal problems. This is necessary for gardeners who want higher vegetable quality and foliage.

Air freshener

Antibacterial properties of tea make it possible to neutralize odors in your household and giving your rooms an aromatic fragrance. Put the used tea bags out in the sun to dry completely before adding an essential oil to it. Hang the bag in the kitchen, bathroom or your car to make then the air around fresh.

Adding flavor to food

Finally, tea bags can be uscookinged when cooking. Its subtle flavor enhances the taste of your meal and improves your
health in the long run. Remove used tea from the tea bags and add to cooking oats or pasta.

Rather than throwing away make the best use of these tea bags as outlined above. This will not only ensure an eco-friendly environment but also keep you healthy.