How To Reuse Plastic Bags

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plastic bags

In many countries, plastic bags are given for free with the groceries. Many times people take home with them 5-6 bags every time they shop. These bags are sometimes thrown away directly in the trash can. At times are simply tucked away in an unused drawer in the kitchen. Some people are reusing them at times in creative ways. Plastic bags should not be simply tossed in the trash. They are reusable at least until they break or cut and by being put to use a second and third-time people help heal the already severely damaged environment.

Ways of reusing plastic bags

Use as small trash canstrash can

Small trash cans in bathrooms, in bedrooms, laundry rooms are suitable for having a plastic bag in them. As a matter of fact some of these bins come with totes specially done for them, and once the pack is over, you have to keep buying commercial garbage bags. Well, now you can reuse your regular bags instead of buying new ones since they fit in the can.

Storage space

Plastic bags may be useful as storage spaces.We all keep many things (junk things) on our shelves, in our drawers, so now we can put all these in plastic sacks. We can also add craft supplies, kids old toys, sewing supplies, pretty much anything that is not needed every minute of the day.

Carrying wet clothes

In summer they can be used to carry home the wet swimming suits and towels from the beach and swimming pools. This can very well replace wet bags.

Use as mini-trash bags

Sometimes various bits and pieces of garbage need to be thrown away, but they don’t quite make a full garbage can size. This is when they can be simply added to a plastic bag that can be now safely thrown away.

Return to stores

Some stores have containers that enable you to bring back your used bags, and they will put them in their recycle bin storejust for the plastic material. This can also be a feasible way to reuse them since otherwise they would just end up in the landfill.

Individuals have been reusing bags for many years. Sometimes they give as reason saving money, other times saving the environment, but this is a not a new thing. It is just that people only recently started to become aware of the eco-friendly environment and doing something for our planet. Plastic bags are non biodegradable and would harm the environment if not care is not taken…