Potty Training Guide

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Helping your child to use the potty is a big and exciting step for many parents. It is a great milestone for the child and a time that most parents anticipate. Furthermore, it is essential that parents are prepared to start potty training. This will help them to know what to look out for that the child is ready to start potty training and how to go about it. There are many resources available to help parents, for instance, start potty training program review. Likewise, below is a guide to potty training.

Potty Training

Know the signs18 months boy

There is no particular time to begin potty training a child. A child can be ready from as early as 18 months to around three years, though most parents start at the age of two and a half years. A parent needs to know and assess for signs that their child is ready to be potty trained. This will prevent the parent from starting too early which may result in the process being futile. Signs of being ready may include:

• The child can pull their pants down and up to remove and wear them
• The child can listen and follow simple instructions
• The child shows signs that they are about to wee or poo
• The child is uncomfortable with a wet or soiled diaper
• The child diaper remains dry for a couple of hours, for instance; this shows that they can hold their bladder.

The parent also needs to consider other factors when potty training that may render the process ineffective. Starting when there is a change in the child’s life may not be a good idea. It may be the child is beginning school, there is a renovation in the house or a change on the caregiver. Wait until the environment is normal to start the routine.

Get the right equipment

Having the proper and right equipment is essential. Pick and buy an equipment that is the right size. The choice will vary from one parent to another. Some will select a potty seat that one puts on the floor, while others will purchase a potty seat to put on a toilet.

Develop a routine

It is necessary to develop a routine when the child will be going to the potty. This can be either after meals, before nap time or after specific hours. A routine will help the child be familiar and comfortable with the potty.

Show how to

baby on pottyThe next step is to show the child what to do when they go to the potty. Demonstrate to them how to pull down their pants and innerwear and to sit on the potty for a few minutes. Some parents also make the demonstration fun by either reading a book or coming up with a song,

Remember, there might be some accidents. However, one needs to be patient, gracious and encourage the child to keep it on.…