Four Topics to Talk With Your Child About Election

Posted on 12/07/2022Categories PoliticsTags , ,

Let’s start the post with the fact that many young people don’t have the same excitement and enthusiasm for the election as the older generation does. A recent study from the Knight Foundation highlighted the lack of engagement among teenagers regarding voting. Also, you can learn more about it in a post at But this shouldn’t be the case. Elections are one of the most important aspects of our democracy, and parents need to do their best in helping promote civic engagement among their children. This post offers four important topics that should be discussed with your child when it comes to elections.

Why Should Everyone Vote?

voteVoting is a right and privilege in our democracy, and parents need to ensure their children understand the importance of voting and its implications for our country. Explain why your vote matters, how it can shape public policy, and how each individual vote can have an impact on our democracy. It’s also a good idea to bring your child back when many people in the United States fought for voting rights and the importance of ensuring everyone’s votes count.

What Does Your Child Need to Know About Each Candidate?

Make sure your child understands the differences between each candidate and their policies, goals, and visions for the future. Talk about their stances on key issues such as healthcare, education, taxes, and immigration. Help them understand how these topics are important to them and how they should weigh in when deciding which candidate to support. Not only should your child understand the differences between the candidates, but it’s also important to be aware of the accuracy and reliability of news sources to ensure they are informed on all sides of an issue.


What Are the Different Voting Regulations?

Every state has voting regulations, and educating your child about these regulations is important. Explain to them how voter registration works and what types of identification are accepted for elections. While the voting process might seem straightforward to adults, it can be intimidating for children who have never gone through the process before.

How Can Your Child Participate in Election Day?

pinsElection day is an exciting day and an excellent opportunity for your child to become involved in their community. Share with them some different ways they can participate and make their voice heard on election day, such as volunteering for campaigns, distributing information about voting at polling locations, or even joining a rally. Doing so will not only help your child become more informed but also give them a chance to have an impact on the democratic process.

These four topics are essential when talking with your child about the election. Understanding these topics will help your child become more informed and engaged in the democratic process. Once again, make sure they know why voting is important, how to be informed on all sides of an issue, what the voting regulations are, and how they can participate on election day.…